PinPad | tactil uniqueness

Product identity and high standards technology

The PinPad is the starting point of a design program set to define the direction for a series of payment terminals that brought an all-new, branded product identity to Glintt’s banking division business.


New regulations and safety requirements for secure payment devices triggered the opportunity to develop a new product line for Glintt’s portable payment terminals division. 

The project aimed for a flexible, compact design based on minimal footprint devices for the retail business.

The design’s strategic approach set a modular system, comprising of entry tear compact basic model and a high-end cordless version. The new system features wireless communications and thermal printing capabilities for a wider range of retail environments.


The design concept goes in the opposite direction from the mainstream cell phone type style, common among the majority of competitors. It sets an exclusive product design identity inspired by the line-arc generated surfaces of a ‘tennis ball’, which gives it a very distinctive and shapely partition line style.  The PinPad features a distinct surface modelling and texturing that brings a unique tactile experience to its usage.


Eventually the modular concept generated two different products: the standard ultra-small pin-pad and the cutting-edge compact wireless full POS terminal.


Client | GLINTT 

Credits | Rui Sampaio, João Cracel, Inês Carvalho

Photo | Rui Sampaio